To create a warm  and  wondrous  environment  of excellent  care  and  education,  planting  seeds  for children    to    grow    as    upright,    thoughtful    and empowered   individuals  who   take   pride   in   their Jewish identity and play their part in society. 



Every Child is Priceless 

We believe each child, created in the Image of G‑d, has intrinsic worth in his or   her   own   right, in   addition   to   their   unique individual talents and abilities. We embrace every child regardless of his/her special needs. We focus on the good in every child, positively guide their behaviour with and foster a healthy self-esteem. 


We Engage and Build Relationships 

We believe that foundation to learning and growth is engaging and building trusting relationships between child and   educator.   Equally   important   are   engaging connections and honest communications between educator and parent. 


We Educate and We Care 

We believe in the value of a healthy soul in a healthy body, hence our commitment to the wellbeing of the ‘whole person’ of   every   child.   Committed   to   deliver   a   superb educational programme, we believe education is about embedding values as much as it is about acquiring life-skills and knowledge. We value both a strong sense of community and individuality.  We respect    the    environment, and    value    natural resources. We value creativity, exploration, and play-based learning, promoting the outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework of ‘Belonging, Being & Becoming’. 


We Celebrate Jewish Tradition 

While advancing core Australian   values of   multiculturalism   and respect of all cultures, a passion for the Jewish tradition is at our core.  We promote its values and language.     KaTeeny     is     characterized     by     its commitment to transmit a strong sense of Jewish identity   and   pride, through   celebrating   festivals (chagim), experiencing Jewish life and culture, as well as via songs, history, brachot and core Jewish values (i.e.  honesty, respect, honouring parents, friendship, tzedakah). Simultaneously, we encourage the use of Hebrew as a second language. 


We Respect 

We believe all people are equal but different, hence we promote respect to every child, parent and educator, regardless of their religious believes, life-style choices or physical abilities.  We strongly believe in safeguarding children and child protection.  


We Strive for Excellence 

We believe it’s a privilege to care and educate children and strive to ensure that every child and family feel ecstatic.  We value parent feedback and continuous quality improvement and innovation. We abide the Code of Ethics and uphold the Education and Care National Law and Regulations.  Working with integrity and heart, we strive for excellence.