Our outstanding Educators are known for their love, passion and commitment to the care and education of every child. 

Each room is led by a qualified Team Leader, assisted by a team of qualified co-educators and nurturing staff, guided by KaTeeny’s educational leader, coordinator and management. 

Each team consist of a multicultural team of fantastic educators, in addition to the Jewish heritage and native Hebrew speakers staff members in each room. The Jewish festivals and traditions are celebrated by all staff and children and our Hebrew speaking educators use the Hebrew language as part of their everyday interactions with children so they can become familiar with it. 

All Educators are dedicated early childhood professionals, holding current WWC, police check, and relevant qualification certificates. All staff are required to complete a Safeguarding Children Training course upon joining KaTeeny and do a refresher course every year. 

We provide ongoing professional development opportunities for our team and all educators are expected to have a current First Aid, Asthma and Anaphylaxis Training Certificate. 

The Kinder program has two Kinder Teachers, one for the 3-year-old Kinder Program and another for the 4-year-old Kinder Program. The Kinder Teachers are also guided by the Kinder Co-ordinator to ensure that the children receive the best education and care and have the best start to school. 

We have a dedicated Chef, who takes real pride in presenting quality foods that not only taste good but are good for your child. We offer a rotating vegetarian kosher menu using a wide variety of seasonal produce and organic and whole foods whenever possible.  

At KaTeeny we are committed to ensuring that all aspects of children’s safety are protected in our early learning setting. When it comes to security we do not take risks. We follow the recommendations of the authorities and the Community Security Group (CSG)to ensure the safety of our children and educators. We have a security guard on duty during most hours of the day. We have security cameras throughout the Centre(as per our CCTV policy), and gates and doors remain closed at all times. Once enrollment is complete access to the gates of the Centre will granted via an App.