KaTeeny is a warm, wonderous and loving environment, where we recognise that your child’s strengths and needs are unique and every child is a special individual.

Your child’s happiness, safety and wellbeing are our priority. Our adoring educators build healthy relationships, nurturing and caring for each precious child.



KaTeeny is proud to be a healthy and secure environment for all children to grow and flourish in. We have several well-documented policies and procedures, available to all families, including KaTeeny’s health, safety and hygiene policy.

KaTeeny endeavours to always offer a level of care and supervision beyond the government- required staff/child ratios.

KaTeeny is a nut-aware centre, and individual risk minimisation plans are developed for all allergies and health conditions. Educators undertake first aid training annually.

KaTeeny is a certified SunSmart Centre, therefore our policy is “no hat, no play.” We provide (standard) sunscreen and wide-brim hats for children to wear during outdoor play.

Emergency drills (evacuations and lockdowns) are held several times throughout the year.

The legislation known as ‘No Jab No Play’ means that all children enrolled are required to be up-to-date with their immunisations before joining KaTeeny.



When it comes to security, we collaborate with the authorities and the Community Security Group (CSG) to ensure the safety of all our children and educators.

We have a security guard on duty throughout the day (except during short breaks) with the latest technology and security cameras operating in the centre (as per our CCTV policy).



KaTeeny has a dedicated cook who collaborates with a children’s nutritionist in preparing healthy and nutritionally balanced kosher meals for the children.

Meals are prepared freshly, each day, with the children’s growth and development in mind, and our vegetarian and dairy menus include a diverse range of foods, seasonable fruit, and vegetables. To keep your children satisfied, our meals are rotated – encouraging them to try new flavours and textures – while revisiting their favourites repeatedly.

As an allergy and nuts aware centre, outside food in not to be brought into the centre.



Every child’s need for sleep may vary - based on their age and family routine. We collaborate with families and endeavour to accommodate requests, including requests to limit their child’s sleep time, or for their child not to sleep at all. Note, in line with our Duty of Care, should a child ask to sleep (or is falling asleep), educators will always follow the child (facilitating at least for a short nap).

KaTeeny provides bed mats for every child, and we aim to make rest-time a relaxed, pleasant time for all children.



One of the many self-help skills we encourage children to learn at KaTeeny is toilet training. Toilet training is a vital step in a child's development.

Educators work in partnerships with parents while the child is learning to use the toilet. A general rule is that toilet training starts at home before toileting starts at the centre.

Nappies are provided by the centre.



Wellbeing is about so much more than just sleep and food. Wellbeing is about the child’s overall health, and physical activity is an important building block in every child’s development.

Play comes naturally to children and is important to children’s learning and development and their sense of identity. A KaTeeny, play takes place in a range of settings, both indoor and outdoor.

Our Rooftop Playground has been landscaped to include age-appropriate activities to engage all children. The older children also enjoy the fabulous natural outdoors of the park across the road at Hopetoun Gardens.



KaTeeny is strongly committed to safeguarding children. We follow procedures as per our policy, including reporting concerns to the relevant authorities.

The educators work together with the children to build their sense of agency and support and empower them about their rights. All staff complete the Safeguarding Children Australia training, ensuring every child feels safe and secure at KaTeeny and beyond.