For your child to attend KaTeeny, the first step is to fill in an Application Form. 

Once we have discussed your requirements for childcare and a position is available in the correct age group of your child, families are emailed an official offer of place. 

If a position is currently not available, your child will be added to our priority waitlist. 

The length of the waiting list varies, and some age groups are more popular than others. Families are offered places according to the date their application form was received and in accordance with our Enrolment policy.

At KaTeeny we have a minimum two-day enrolment requirement per child. To ensure your child receives the mandatory 15 hours for 3-year-old and 4-year-old Kinder the minimum is three days enrolment. Attending KaTeeny for two days or more per week helps your child to settle in quickly, bond with their educators, make friends and fully participate in our programs. 

Your Application will include an administration fee of $100. 50% of the fee is refundable should KaTeeny not be able to accommodate you at all.