KaTeeny Early Learning Centre provides innovative and stimulating programs based on children's interests, family input, and the world around us. 

Our educational program is based on the principles, practices, and outcomes of the Victorian Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) - Belonging, Being and Becoming. 

·   Belonging– to my family, friends, and the community. 

·   Being– a time to be, to seek and make meaning of the world through play. 

·   Becoming– a valued member of society; all that I can be. 

Incorporating the EYLFs five learning outcomes, the educators will set goals and capture complex learning and development of young children. Our programs are focused on developing the optimum potential for every child considering their own unique personalities, strengths and stage of development.

A Portfolio is created for each child, it contains a record of learning and development, work, samples and anecdotal records of your child throughout the year. We endeavour to support each child to reach his or her individual potential. Assessment of learning and development are also done by the educators and is an important part of the curriculum. 

Educational plans at KaTeeny are often built around the events influencing the child at the time that he/she learns. Jewish festivals and celebrations, Australian national celebrations, special family events and the individual child’s interest all impact what will be brought into the rooms throughout the year. Our educational programs place an emphasis on play-based learning, through intentional teaching and child-led learning, building your child's sense of agency and resilience.  At KaTeeny we also promote children’s independence and encourage them to build on their self-help skills.

We believe in taking a holistic approach to a child’s learning and development and drawing on a range of early childhood approaches and philosophies, from Reggio to Montessori to Chinuch, we aim to deliver a balanced educational program. 


The Jewish tradition and Hebrew language are integrated into the curriculum.  

Our Jewish learning program centers around the Jewish Calendar and Jewish values, and the educators aim to promote and embed a love of Judaism and Jewish values through interactive songs, stories, art, and role-playing. 

Each Friday, the children celebrate a Shabbat Party, exploring the Shabbat experience through songs and role play. The children also make their own challah to take home. 

As part of the Hamerkaz Centre, KaTeeny families are welcome to join in the various Jewish celebrations held at the Centre. 


Special Events, Incursions and Excursions are part of the curriculum throughout the year. We encourage family involvement and enjoy community participation. 

All children have many opportunities to participate in the various extra-curricular activities’ programs. These programs include dance, music, yoga, and physical education (SporTeeny). Extra-curricular programs are fun-filled and enriching to each child's development. 


KaTeeny Kindergarten is focused on the child, combing a high standard Kinder Program with a personalised and individual care. Our passionate team of Kinder Teachers deliver an individualised educational program based on the needs, interests and strengths of every child. 

KaTeeny Kindergarten is a rare with its intimate, warm, and nurturing environment, and an atmosphere that is relaxed and joyous. An ideal learning environment. 

Our Kindergarten programs are designed to prepare children for their transition to school. The activities provided assist children with their self-concept skills, confidence, and independence. 

School Readiness | Offering a government-funded Kindergarten program, we are committed to all government preschool standards, ensuring each child acquires the lifelong learning skills, independence and responsibility required for a smooth transition into school. 

The Kinder team of educators work with the children to ensure they are school-ready and help them build the skills they will require for a best start to school.